From the estimate we will be able to give you an estimated time frame of repairs.

Schedule date to start repairs and order parts start with your authorization to repair

The Body Shop collision center can negotiate terms with the insurance comapny.

Your vehicle is dis-asembled and re-inspected for any hidden damage.

The first step of the collision repairs are the structural and or body repairs.

This step of collision repairs applies the primer , sealant & corrosion protection

This vehicle is pressure washed & Chemically Cleaned before the painting process

The vehicle is masked and taped to prevent over spray

Vehicle undergoes a multi-step painting process using an acrylic urethane paint system

The vehicle is reassembled & then Cleaned Final inspection is completed.

EMW provides high-quality, seamless repairs. We can do the job faster than a dealer body shop, and at a far less cost than over competitors. EMW is the quicker, more effective and cost effective option.

Best Body Shop Practices... For Less !

The Body Shop is equipped with an italian paint booth and only Standox (Germany) & Glasurit (Germany) paints with a Life-Long warranty are used. EMW is the only workshop which provides aluminium building.

    Insurance Cashless Facilities With: